But, I Have Some Questions...

How Fast can I get it?
This is the most popular question and my answer is it depends upon you and our communication. I can produce new website designs as quickly as 24 hours but no longer than 1 week. Changes I make within 24-48 hours. Websites usually on average take 6-8 weeks, however I have build then in as little as 1 week before. For logo design, I would allow 1-3 weeks for the process.

But your pricing seems so low I have been quoted double that for my project...

Skinny Cat Designs maintains a "virtual office". Meaning I have no overhead, no sales team, no book keeper, or receptionist. This enable me to keep my costs low. You may however hear a child or dog in the background in my virtual office. I believe that every business deserves a high quality website design, regardless of their size.

Besides, I don't think my prices are low, I am just very fast.

Do you offer any packages?
Yes. I offer Logo design/webdesign/stationary packages prices. Please contact me for more information.

What about search engine optimization?
I offer, included in all website build-outs, minor SEO using keyword consultation, company description, best naming practices and sending your website address to major search engines. I also have experience using Google Adwords, Google Analytics and social media marketing.

OK, my website is up now what?
I charge $25 per hour for website changes or offer the following maintenance packages:
• $25/ month = 1-2 hours of changes
• $25/quarter = 1-2 hours of changes during a 3 month time period.
• $50/quarter = 2-4 hours of changes during a 3 month time period.


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